Sunday, August 30, 2009

And hence,it's been one month for me to be in Adelaide

Helo there~how are you guys?~Didn't bloggy for weeks~miss me huh?XD Just had dim sum for brunch with sis and her friends in this morning^^~many people have been asking me how's my life here~erm~well~there's no other words that I can spread out instead of GOOD!>< yep~but apparently it's not going to be so nice soon as my assignments are coming onwards TT~anyway~still passion with everything in my life~walla!XD hope everyone will enjoy your days too~let's the photos talk my story~
Dim sum~yummy~
Remember冲上云宵?This is the street they took in one of the scene which 陈慧珊walking with don't know who already~
well~it's actually a post office building XD
different view of the street~
part of victoria square~
yeah~my new frangipani fragrance~
freezing cool rainy rainy day~
yum cha!
convention hall~
notice that telling us lecturer was sicked and our class cancelled that day~haha~
one of the classroom~
same here~
burger that cost me 8 dollars TT~
view from one of the classroom~
same same~
I heard many people having exams soon or at the moment~well~good luck friends~and take care of your health while gambateh ya~once again~hope everyone be happy always and dreams come true~enjoy my new added songs~XD have a good day!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

3 hours break,what else can we do?(shopaholic version~)

Yep,shopping!XD my passion~just behind my school,there's a street call rundle street which is the shopping paradise of citizen in Adelaide,whole street of shoplet,selling everything,yep,everything,no doubt.When you have nothing to do,you can go there,don't really have to buy anything,you can just looking around,there will always some street entertainer showing off their expert skill~there will always some function held right here too~we been to a small street beside the rundle street~there is a candy shop~selling every kind of candy and chocolate~my plunder!
the candy shop~
front of the candy shop~
for those don't have my facebook~the building is just opposite the rundle street~
and the rundle street!see that two balls?It's the symbol of the rundle street~

oh ya~many people sick these days~everyone must take care ya~drink more water should be help~good luck~and and~listen to the second song on my music list ya~the suddenly i see~^^~just love it~XD

3 hours break,what can we do?(adventurous version)

Days before,my friend got a new basketball,we decided to play it at the basketball court that his housemate told him which is just "opposite the uni"...we then move on to the direction that he was told ,we passed by the uni,passed by the river,passed by a few soccer fields...bla...bla...bla...until we going down a few slope and we found out it's so wrong because there doesn't look like there will be basketball court around...who on earth will build a basketball court beside a the moment,we had walked for >40 mins-.-~faced with Hobson's choice,we decided to turn back...argh~what a splendid warm up exercise we gained~another 40 mins to go arrived to the river which is just behind the uni~there are some graduates taking photo with their family~this make us even more desperate...we all thinking the same things...urm~yep~5 years more for us~gambateh!-_-|||

The pictures of the river~river~
and river bank~=P
This is the sign showing how far we had gone...2 more km before the "forest" that we reached-.-
obviously,the green field~
graduation ceremony thought...
the bus stop that nearest to my house XD

Sunday, August 2, 2009

An officially new started of my tertiary school life~

My school officially started after one week of orientation~I have my class in different classroom for every classes~so I have to walk,walk and walk nonstop><~it can be said freaking exhausted but still a good exercise for me since I got fewer chance to heating up my body in this freezing cool rainy week~how's school?I been asked by everyone for times XD~erm~it's pretty nice for me(maybe it just a starting week)like they said,there's always silence before storm~I guess so~but since that I am a narcissist~I enjoy everything that come to me XD~no difference~la~la~la~back to the timetable~erm~even though I hav to go to school every weekdays~but there are two days in it that have only two hours and it's in evening~hmm~not bad thought~XD~but other three days would be some tough time to go =[ which I start my class at 8 and hav a long break as 3 hours after that and hav to continue my class in evening till late 5pm~such a tiring day~in this initial week~i took my 3 hours break to do shopping XD~i gt a new bag~wuu huu~such a shopping fanatic I am~but no frequent of course~things here are quite expensive T_T i have to tie up my belly~but no worries~I can cook myself and heat up the lunch that I bring in college XD~yep~there's a room for us to spend our time while waiting for next class~in it there are some sporting facilities like table tennis,table soccer and some culinary stuff like microwave and refrigerator to allow students to store their food as well as heating up their meals~next time take some photo for you guys XD~i guess I talked too much as everyone like blogs with photos~so~come with this photo~i found a malaysia penang food restaurant in a small street XD enjoy~and the rainbow i saw XD~wish everyone happy and dreams come true ya~

Monday, July 20, 2009

7 Months of holidays~and now it comes to a new school life started~

This is the day that I had been waiting for so long~20th July 2009~school open finally~my orientation week get started since today~i was so ecstatic tat i couldn't sleep well yesterday~~shh~don't tell my mum ><~it just like a stepping forward for archiving my dream~yeah~I woke up at 7:45am,which is the very earliest record for me to get up since my holidaysXD~I arrived at school at about 8:45am~when i reached there,i see a building of renovating and had no sign of orientation-.-I turned around around and around just to look for someone in charge of this...and there's no one over there~then I bumped into my new friend~Kanako right here~nice to meet you ya^^~and a china student as well~luck was on my side,I got chance to ask one of the officer right there~they got me a map and showed me the way to the orientation venue~it got even greater when Lauren,one of the staff~she led us to the place~thx ya~and so on we got to the place just in time and seems like many ppl waiting for us XD~there are so many china students(almost 80%-.-)while I can't find any australian student right here~we were given a timetable showing the progress of the program~uh uh~Kanako found something...we are going to have a maths test later on~omg~7 months didnt touch book and they asking us to have test~i really had no idea XD~this was just so sudden~but luckily I just forgot some formula~couldnt complete some questions but not majority~before the maths test we had a break time~there we met another new friend of mine~Mandy~halo~nice to meet you too~then we took a photo of this~from left~me,kanako and mandy~

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Went to Ikea yesterday~purchased some furniture for my new room~Ikea here is pretty similar with Ikea in Malaysia~the difference is there are a Sweden food department selling Sweden cuisine right here~yummy~la~la~la~
Here you go~the IKEA~

AloHA!Australia!Dreamland of mine~

It was 9:50 pm malaysia time,a plane sending a guy off his hometown.July 15th,the date.Guy's name,Matthew~yeah~it's me!XD I took no rest in the plane while I was busy with my movie~since I was child I like to go airport~I feel ecstatic when seeing the plane all around the land~while I not interest in being a pilot ;D~I just enjoy looking at the different tribute gather at here~tete-a-tete in the language that I don't understand~perhaps they not talking something rude ya~i sent my brother and sisters off for so many times~never thought of it will come so soon for me to be sent off by my family~life life brief candle~haiz~time don't stop~we all grew up~ok~stop talking superfluous words~let's come to the main point~yea~I am now in Adelaide,Australia~thanks pilot for sending me right here safe and sound~I arrived here 6 am local time,4:30am in malaysia~while my friends and family still in their slumberland I am here already~wuu huu~my sis came to pick me up~thx ya XD~It's winter time~and austalia doesn't snow in winter~I suppose to put some photos but the connection is pretty laggy-.-grr~maybe next time~sry guys XD This is part of it~