Sunday, July 19, 2009

AloHA!Australia!Dreamland of mine~

It was 9:50 pm malaysia time,a plane sending a guy off his hometown.July 15th,the date.Guy's name,Matthew~yeah~it's me!XD I took no rest in the plane while I was busy with my movie~since I was child I like to go airport~I feel ecstatic when seeing the plane all around the land~while I not interest in being a pilot ;D~I just enjoy looking at the different tribute gather at here~tete-a-tete in the language that I don't understand~perhaps they not talking something rude ya~i sent my brother and sisters off for so many times~never thought of it will come so soon for me to be sent off by my family~life life brief candle~haiz~time don't stop~we all grew up~ok~stop talking superfluous words~let's come to the main point~yea~I am now in Adelaide,Australia~thanks pilot for sending me right here safe and sound~I arrived here 6 am local time,4:30am in malaysia~while my friends and family still in their slumberland I am here already~wuu huu~my sis came to pick me up~thx ya XD~It's winter time~and austalia doesn't snow in winter~I suppose to put some photos but the connection is pretty laggy-.-grr~maybe next time~sry guys XD This is part of it~


  1. hey yay.haha...the 1st to comment on ur blog.wee~ I'm so proud of it.Well,keep blogging.Would love to read more.haha...take care.ciao.

  2. Wow~haha...
    Take care lo,waiting u to come back in January 10.
    And i guess that time u may bring one more blonde girl back? haha~

  3. kawun ar..
    bring me there also la pls..