Sunday, August 2, 2009

An officially new started of my tertiary school life~

My school officially started after one week of orientation~I have my class in different classroom for every classes~so I have to walk,walk and walk nonstop><~it can be said freaking exhausted but still a good exercise for me since I got fewer chance to heating up my body in this freezing cool rainy week~how's school?I been asked by everyone for times XD~erm~it's pretty nice for me(maybe it just a starting week)like they said,there's always silence before storm~I guess so~but since that I am a narcissist~I enjoy everything that come to me XD~no difference~la~la~la~back to the timetable~erm~even though I hav to go to school every weekdays~but there are two days in it that have only two hours and it's in evening~hmm~not bad thought~XD~but other three days would be some tough time to go =[ which I start my class at 8 and hav a long break as 3 hours after that and hav to continue my class in evening till late 5pm~such a tiring day~in this initial week~i took my 3 hours break to do shopping XD~i gt a new bag~wuu huu~such a shopping fanatic I am~but no frequent of course~things here are quite expensive T_T i have to tie up my belly~but no worries~I can cook myself and heat up the lunch that I bring in college XD~yep~there's a room for us to spend our time while waiting for next class~in it there are some sporting facilities like table tennis,table soccer and some culinary stuff like microwave and refrigerator to allow students to store their food as well as heating up their meals~next time take some photo for you guys XD~i guess I talked too much as everyone like blogs with photos~so~come with this photo~i found a malaysia penang food restaurant in a small street XD enjoy~and the rainbow i saw XD~wish everyone happy and dreams come true ya~


  1. lolx.. gambateh la.. u surely will feel boring after few weeks.. wakakak

  2. exrcising is good...exrcise more orr~~lolz...=p

  3. is nice to have refrigerator and microwave at skul~~

  4. happy study..
    i will miss u.. XD

  5. sibeh enjoy out there.
    Microwave huh? Quite zadao. = ="

    All the best la bro~