Thursday, August 6, 2009

3 hours break,what can we do?(adventurous version)

Days before,my friend got a new basketball,we decided to play it at the basketball court that his housemate told him which is just "opposite the uni"...we then move on to the direction that he was told ,we passed by the uni,passed by the river,passed by a few soccer fields...bla...bla...bla...until we going down a few slope and we found out it's so wrong because there doesn't look like there will be basketball court around...who on earth will build a basketball court beside a the moment,we had walked for >40 mins-.-~faced with Hobson's choice,we decided to turn back...argh~what a splendid warm up exercise we gained~another 40 mins to go arrived to the river which is just behind the uni~there are some graduates taking photo with their family~this make us even more desperate...we all thinking the same things...urm~yep~5 years more for us~gambateh!-_-|||

The pictures of the river~river~
and river bank~=P
This is the sign showing how far we had gone...2 more km before the "forest" that we reached-.-
obviously,the green field~
graduation ceremony thought...
the bus stop that nearest to my house XD

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