Thursday, August 6, 2009

3 hours break,what else can we do?(shopaholic version~)

Yep,shopping!XD my passion~just behind my school,there's a street call rundle street which is the shopping paradise of citizen in Adelaide,whole street of shoplet,selling everything,yep,everything,no doubt.When you have nothing to do,you can go there,don't really have to buy anything,you can just looking around,there will always some street entertainer showing off their expert skill~there will always some function held right here too~we been to a small street beside the rundle street~there is a candy shop~selling every kind of candy and chocolate~my plunder!
the candy shop~
front of the candy shop~
for those don't have my facebook~the building is just opposite the rundle street~
and the rundle street!see that two balls?It's the symbol of the rundle street~

oh ya~many people sick these days~everyone must take care ya~drink more water should be help~good luck~and and~listen to the second song on my music list ya~the suddenly i see~^^~just love it~XD


  1. don eat so many sweets ar,after that ur teeth all fall off then not leng chai adi~~lolz=p